I’ve been doing this for a very long time and I might not have all the answers, but I’ll try:


  1. Get up at the same time and get ready for work. Yes, even if you work from home the best thing you can do is still get dressed even if it’s your gym wear! Be comfortable but not ‘pajama-comfy’. Slippers in Winter is ok… but remember to change when you have to leave the house;)
  2. Set hours for work time and make a list at the beginning of each day or week and tick them off as you finish each job.
  3. Have enough healthy food in the house otherwise you’ll soon be snacking on the kids’ cereal… trust me…
  4. Put your phone on airplane mode when you have a tight deadline. I get easily distracted by my WhatsApp groups and can’t resist opening the latest meme or shared video… soon you’ll lose an hour of productivity. Avoid social media if you can… this might be difficult if you have to do an online campaign or post something on your business page so try set aside time for this each day.
  5. Make sure your office door (or whatever room you use) can lock. Kids forget you work when you sit at your computer and they won’t leave you alone. When you have a deadline or on a Skype call, you will need to be focused. Explain to your kids that when you’re in front of your computer it’s work time. (Obviously, they can interrupt you if there’s a crisis!) Don’t try working in an open area in the house – too distracting.
  6. I have a schedule for my boys – when they can play games and things they have to do everyday. I’m lucky that they’re now old enough to read and follow it but this is obviously more challenging when they’re small.
  7. Invest in good coffee or whatever your choice of drink is (I won’t recommend alcohol while working;) as you’ll need breaks and rewards. Get up from your desk and try and have the coffee away from the computer. Same with lunch – and try and time it so that you can do this together as family. Your kids won’t always understand why you’re working when you’re home and will still want your (all) attention.
  8. Good wi-fi. Especially now that your kids are hogging it with Netflix and Xbox.
  9. Have I mentioned good wi-fi?


Working from home is a challenge but can be very rewarding. Take breaks and use the time to do stuff around the house that you never get time for. Like painting that old table or fixing the crack in the wall (I hope my husband is reading this).

Oh – and remember – this is not the end of the world. Stay calm – for your children’s sake.

This too shall pass.